Create harder, or the sunspots will get you

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The Sekhmet Hypothesis is the idea that pop-culture upheavals follow sunspot patterns. Every 11 years the sunspots hit a peak, and so there’s a culture shift. If you squint really hard you can kind of see it. Warren Ellis:

1955 — the dawn of rock’n’roll. 1966 00 is when the Sixties happened. 1977 — punk epxlodes. 1988 — aciiiid. 1999 — fucking nothing.

So, we’re now in a cultural rut which even bizarre sunspot theories can’t extricate us from. Ellis again:

here in the Zero Years of the 21, even those most reliable engines of creation of the last half of C20, Britain and Japan (both islands, both post-imperialist, both post-major and incredibly damaged economic shell games, both finding their stations as makers of art) are coming up empty. Coldplay and Fruits Basket? Give me strength.

It’s a chilling thought, but maybe worth considering, even only as a Threat Condition to be armed against: maybe we’re stuck here.

[compare: the post-temporality Bruce Sterling has been turning into a theme, e.g. in his transmediale keynote last year]

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English-language German news site thelocal puts out a review of the events of 2009. Shorter version: a year of no significance.
Also, not entirely unrelatedly:

Germans have less faith in their political system than at any point in the post-war period, mainly due to what they see as a weak response to the financial crisis, a poll published Sunday showed.

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