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BooksWeLike seems now to be entirely dead. Pity. I guess Library Thing is now occupying much the same space, and better. Still, I have a bunch of reviews in there, and it’s always sad to see sites vanish when you turn your back for a couple of years. Sic transit gloria mundi, I guess.

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At Web Monday. Presentations:

  • First Trimester, blogging for doctors. Apparently while there are a lot of web projects targetting patients, there aren’t many blogs aimed at providing professional information for doctors.
  • Yourcent, a micropayments system
  • Feed Magazine a free german-language (paper) magazine about the online world. Now at issue 0

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Cory Doctorow:

[Myspace] pages are made by people who know – to the femtometre – exactly how ugly they are. They are supposed to offend your sensibilities. They are intended to make designers weep. Their ugliness is a defence mechanism that protects them from being knocked off by marketing/communications firms, because most designers would rather break their own fingers than commit such an atrocity.

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