Patch: vi-style scrolling for the comix image viewer

July 3rd, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

Comix is my favourite no-bloat viewer for collections of images: not just for comics, but also for paging through a directory full of graphs or photographs. But needing to slip to the arrow keys for navigation is an irritation: hence this quick little patch to enable h,j,k,l scrolling. [I later realise that the h conflicts with another keyboard shortcut. So it goes]. This is in lieu of a large patch, which I’ll probably never write, allowing shortcut keys to be set from a config file.

Here on github — the first time I’ve used github in this way, and an impressively painless experience. I’m now itching to hack on other code that’s hosted there. [also, there’s probably a way of getting automatic github updates posted here, or to facebook, or something]

Patch: blogger post from stdin for googlecl

July 3rd, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

Going to start hijacking this blog, to record/link to patches I submit to various open-source projects. As with everything else on here, it’s mainly to ensure I can find these little snippets a few months later.

So, to start, something intended for this blog itself. A patch to the google commandline tools enabling the “google blogger post” command to post content read from stdin (adding to the current options of supplying a string or a filename). Usage is the traditional ‘-‘ in place of a filename.

This enables two pieces of functionality I’d find very useful:
A) filter content through other programs. e.g. using markdown to HTMLify my content:
$ markdown post.txt | google blogger post –
B) make a blogpost from within vim, by selecting my post content and piping it to googlecl

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