following irc with inotail

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Being always in a several irc channels, it’s helpful to have an overview of what’s going on without tabbing through a dozen windows. Fortunately I can follow the logs using inotail:

$ find /home/dan/.purple/logs/ -name "`date +%F`*" | xargs inotail -fv

This would also work with tail — the only problem is that _tail_ with so many files would put some strain on the filesystem.

Getting server messages via irc

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irccat is a bot designed to facilitate sending server messages to an irc channel

The irccat bot joins all your channels, and waits for messages on a specified ip:port on your internal network. Anything you send to that port will be sent to IRC by the bot. IRCCat – as in, cat to IRC.

Using netcat, you can easily send events to irc from shell scripts:

echo “Something just happened” | nc -q0 somemachine 12345

That will send to the default channel only (first in the config file). You can direct messages to specific combinations of channels (#) or users (@) like so:

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