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I've joined Global Voices

Since I've been reading so many Russian livejournals recently, I figured I should do something useful with it. So I've got involved in Global Voices, a blog translation project. The plan is that I'll post occasional snippets from Russian blogs, once a month or so. Here's my first post, translating a Georgian post about the treatment of Georgians in Russia.


Is Veronica your editor? She and I have some overlap on a lot of things, but I think I may have to assert my sovereign right to be editor of all your more Caucasus or Central Asia related posts :)

Really though, especially if you're interested in doing the occasional post more centered on either of my regions -- especially posts like you put up today -- let me know and we can arrange joint custody.

I want to see a full custody battle here: somebody screaming outside the courtroom, somebody kidnapping me from school....

More seriously: I don't know how this will pan out, but I hope I'll post on the Caucasus at least sometimes. On the other hand, most of the Russian-language blogs I'm reading at the moment are by Russians, so I'll need to widen my scope a bit before I can write much about anywhere else.

I don't yet know much about the internal workings of global voices, so go ahead and fix up any arrangement you think is appropriate. In the meantime, I'll drop you an email if I'm thinking of writing a post in your area.