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What Russians think about Georgia

Underneath the media hysteria, Ella-p links to a few polls suggesting Russians aren't really all that passionate in their loathing for Georgians. All these figures predate the current scuffle. They also conflict with my own experience of Russia, which is of a pretty widespread loathing of anybody from the Caucasus.

Firstly, two polls on opinions of Georgia:

View of GeorgiaJan 2004June 2006
Good 41 27
Bad 10 26
Indifferent 42 42
No response 7 6

So opinions of Georgia have worsened over the time Saakashvili has been president, but not to any truly terrible levels.

Another poll concerns attitudes to Abkhazia. Throughout several questions, the same small majority are in favour of keeping Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia (51%), supporting independence for Abkhazia (53%), and welcoming Abkhazia as part of Russia, if requested (54%). The rest are divided between a good 20-30% who support the opposite position, and a large number who didn't answer.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about polls, and my Russian is ropey enough that I've probably misunderstood some of them. If you're interested, look at the "Public Opinion Foundation": other polling data on Georgia, or the English-language section.