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Spain news part 2: the blogs

The Bad Rash seems like one of the better English blogs in Barcelona. Most posts have some meat to them, and it's nice when a blogger shares your political/cultural prejudices. He also has links to plenty of other expat blogs in his sidebar.

Of these, From Barcelona concentrates on culture and expat life. Drink Barcelona is a bar guide, unsurprisingly. Catalonia Blog and South of Watford cover politics. This blog mixes Spanish and Scottish politics; this one concentrates mainly on Catalan nationalism.

Of the international networks, Metblogs and Gridskipper are absent, but Unlike and Spotted by Locals make up for that.


Thanks for the link! My wife and I are currently embroiled in property related enstressments, and thebadrash.com is bearing the brunt of this. I'll try to get back to it soon. There's a hell of a lot of corruption news from Catalonia that I haven't even touched on yet.