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Short Posts

Kildare Street: an Irish version of they work for you

Brazilians phreaking US military satellites

Arrest of Jersey State Senator. I know none of the background to this, but it sounds spectacularly hideous.

Rowenna Davis gets it right. Again. (This time, inheritance tax)

Cheekly: Russia is using the Georgian protests as an excuse to move more troops into Abkhazia [RFE/RL]

Scraps of Moscow on Moldova

Tyler Cowen: 'the United States is...a countercyclical asset'. Good article

Good: Rue89 pick up experimental chimp's investigation into AstraZeneca editing Wikipedia to pimp their drugs. Bad: they don't bother naming or linking to him.

Unsure what to make of the protests in Moldova. The communists won, in a fairish election, in line with earlier predictions? Sounds like the opposition ought to put up with it -- though I'd be pretty pissed off if I were one of them.

Helena Cobban on Waltz with Bashir

Shoe attack on Indian minister. The tactic is catching.

What is a Weapon of Mass Destruction? In US law, apparently anything down to a grenade can be classed as WMD.

Is Pornography the New Tobacco? Nice analogy, hope it doesn't hold.

John Swenson-Wright on North Korean missile tests.

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