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My interactions with German TV have been hindered by the problem that I really don’t like watching crime series. Krimis make up a good 80% of German drama output, and demand for them remains insatiable.

So Blaumacher, the drama I’ve been watching over the weekend, gets some sympathy just by not involving a homicide.

What it does involve is: Frank, middle-aged and dissatisfied, who rediscovers life thanks to his friendship with 21-year old Sasha. You’ll be shocked to hear that Sasha is quirkily intense, dyes her hair, and dresses mostly in bra, miniskirt and not much else.

The Manic-Pixie tropes play out fairly predictably. Frank has a standard mid-life-crisis sampler-pack – sports car and vintage guitars – which are dull until he has a (hot, young) friend to show them off to. Sasha has an in-your-face attitude which, shockingly, turns out to be a cover for her acute vulnerability.

The secondary characters are straight from central casting. Frank’s children squabble, his wife has an affair with her fitness instructor, his job is a meaningless charade.

There are a few good moments, if you can accept the predictability and just go along for the ride. I’m still going to watch to the end – there are only 6 episodes. But I wouldn’t recommend Blaumacher unless you are desperately in need of a manic pixie dream-girl.

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