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Clegg: it's all been said before

I despair that what it took to puff up the Lib Dems was one good TV appearance and some worship from the media. I'm frankly baffled that the most technocratic and centrist of the parties can paint themselves as outsiders. Seriously? Have you met a lib dem who wasn't a politics junkie. But I'm thrilled by the prospect of a strong LD presence in a hung parliament, leading to AV+ and then to a situation where we can finally get some real politics in the UK.

Meanwhile, it's fun to watch Tories bashing Cameron for accepting the centre ground, just as the left has long been bashing Blair & co. Both criticisms are right, of course: you don't win an argument by accepting your opponent's case.

there is rage, albeit hypocritical and belated, that the entire strategy pursued by the Cameron regime over the past four and a half years has left the party so pathetically incapable of defending itself against this mountebank and his frequently preposterous party. For the strategy has left the Conservative Party - and Mr Cameron in particular, as was clear in the first televised debate - without much in the way of conviction to use to counter the Clegg soufflé, and apparently believing in nothing.